Cute Animal Tuesday #2

(Posted by kisekileia)

I’ve discovered some lovely sources of cute animal photos in the past two weeks, which should provide a sufficient supply of adorable for multiple weeks. Today I’m spotlighting a new favourite: The Sarcastic Bunneh Show on Facebook.

Here are a couple of my favourite photos of theirs:


Nobody puts Bunny in a corner!

The bunnies, they multiply!

According to The Sarcastic Bunneh Show, this is what happens when bunny slippers are left unattended. I think I need some bunny slippers.

Slurping up the grass

Beautiful baby!

Snuggle snuggle snuggle!

Tiny snugglebunnies.

No, no mascara.

Beautiful eyelashes in the midst of soft cottony fluff.

Okay, I know that was more than a couple. I just couldn’t resist. 

One last one:

Snuggle the bunbun!

Have a lovely, adorableness-filled week!

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